Busy Bee Fragrance club box Sept 2012

Published September 23, 2012 by melton82

This months box was full of fragrances I had never tried before and wow there are some fantastic fragrances now added to my favourites list


Cranberry crush wax tart (£1.25) – I love this scent, it’s really fruity and it lasts for ages.

Asian Lime wax tart (£1.25) – this scent is a mixture of lime & lemongrass and I used it when I wanted to be perked up a little, great scent and not too overpowering

Apricot Lush wax tart (£1.25) – lush indeed, wow what a fantastic fruity scent. So light and gorgeous, good enough to eat

Antique Sandalwood wax tart (£1.25) – my mum loves sandalwood so I have this tart to her and she loved it. She said that it lasts for ages and was a subtle scent, a classic

Gingerbread wax tart (£1.25) – reminds me of baking and Christmas, really gorgeous scent, yummy

Spring daffodil wax tart (£1.25) – I am not a huge fan of floral scents however this one is subtle and has sweet undertones to it

Olympic dreams mini wax tarts (4 – £1.85) – after the fantastic achievements of Team GB this scent is really citrus and warm.

Ancient Wisdom mini wax tarts (4 – £1.85) – this fragrance is quite woody but is really relaxing, use it after a stressful day at work to chill

Sun kissed linen fragrance oil (£4.95) – I love this scent, it’s so clean and fresh, I’ve been putting the oil on some cones I have in the middle of my dining table

Vanilla honey spice small candle (£7.95) – wow!! This is a brilliant summery scent, so creamy with the vanilla and the sweetness of the honey. The added scent of cardamon makes it a little spicy. Amazing and definitely recommend it

The fragrance club is a brilliant way of trying new scents and for £20 such a bargain. Go to http://www.busybeecandles.co.uk for more information


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